So this guy hits me up on FaceBook. He was average at best. Nothing about him stood out to me. He hit me with a message that seemed sincere and non-abrasive. He noticed we had some FaceBook friends in common, thought I was attractive and wanted to get to know more about me. Seemed pretty genuine. We conversed via text messages and phone calls. It turned out that we knew a lot of the same people and actually grew up within blocks of each other. He wasn't really my speed or what I was used to but, I figured I wasn't having much luck with what I was used to. After dealing with him for a short period of time, I began to become suspicious of him. Certain things he would say and do, wouldn't add up. I'm a pretty smart cookie and besides, you can't bullshit a bullshitter. Anyway, one Saturday afternoon, I get a call from my coworker/friend. She asks me what was the name of that guy that hit me up on FaceBook. I told her and then she tells me, she believes the same guy hit her up as well. We compared notes and of course it was the same guy. SMH. He even used the same message, the exact same message! I was somewhat shocked. I mean this guy wasn't a suave, debonair womanizer. He was very much on the contrary. That just goes to show you, you gotta watch you're back out there. I don't believe he was that bad of a guy, I do believe he made some bad, weird choices.


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