There hasn't been much rap music coming from the Bad Boy Camp especially in the east coast, even though Bad Boy South is doing OK with acts such as Young Joc, and Gorilla Zoe. Diddy decided that he wanted to change all of that and announced a couple of days ago that Bad Boy was about to sign some rap acts, and he was ready to bring the entire EAST COAST RAP SCENE BACK to the forefront of hip hop.

Knowing Diddy (well not personally), I figured he would be conducting a making the band-esque show, where rappers would compete to make it into the Bad Boy Family; I guess I was wrong. Instead, Diddy decided that he would start that whole process by signing none other than Brooklyn's very own Bad Boy, Red Cafe (Who will be featured in Issue two of B+C magazine). Diddy also says that Red-Cafe is going to have his own webisodes on PTwitty tv and HottestInTheHood.com.

Now I'm not so sure about his deal with Bad Boy, as I am skeptical of ALL deals done with bad Boy Records (Look at Shyne, Da Band, Danity Kane, and if Que keeps crying, Day 26 will be sure to fall in suit), but I hope Cafe on Bad Boy records turns out to be epic and a breath into the slumbering east coast rap scene. Congratulations, and all of the B+C family would like to give a big "Its Movinnnn" to Red Cafe' on his new deal.

Posted By Shenda.


Teneille said... @ May 4, 2009 at 2:57 PM

Got damn he got mad jewelry...sorry i had a public chickenhead moment:-/

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