So, I guess it's clear now that the rest of the girls are into high fashion and I'm still a street wear lover (Sings the Toys R Us 'I dont wanna grow up' song). Street wear is simply the Hellz Bellz or Married To The Mob lines, mixed with all the new hot Nike Blazers releases.

Anyway, Fafi who is like the honorable Street wear member (Because she's an artist not a designer) has teamed up with Adidas to create a new sneaker inspired by her travels around the world as well as her upcoming Comic Book.

As you know Fafi is a Graffiti artist from Paris who has tagged so many walls around the world from Brooklyn To Germany and even Mexico that she's almost a household name to may girls around the world.

Don't worry street wear Fanatics, I'm going to try to hold you down.

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