4. So you're totally amped about this job you have been cultivating for. You went to the first interview and the rapport between yourself and the HR manager was really positive. You're invited back for the second interview and guess who is also there, the mother of that guys whose heart you stepped all over...shit.

3. There is this sample sale you have been waiting for. I mean you have really been waiting for it. You even went as far as to save for it. Mind you in the back of your head you keep reminding yourself it's Thursday and you plan out everything your going to buy. You wake up early Thursday morning, put on your "roughing it" shoes and head to the location. You get there and wonder why you see no crowd. Only to be told by the security it was last Thursday..fuck!

2. Always too much to do. You've been real busy but there is this super important event you must attend. You make an appointment with your hair stylist on the day of the event. You head to the salon early and wait for your time only to see your stylist fixing the person's hair before yours and she acccidently cuts her finger. But this is no regular cut. Blood is gushing everywhere. She ends up having to go to the hospital because the bleeding wouldnt stop. You end up using her protege and WTF you hair is ruined. The perm and the coloring was on too long you end up having to pull a Amber.

1. You met this guy and you've been speaking to him for a few weeks. He is appearing to be something to get to know more and you guys randomly decide to grab something to eat. Its the first time you guys go out anywhere together. You order something light and so does he. You guys are smiling and the lunch date is going pretty well. The bill comes and guess what homeboy doesnt have enough to pay the bill. He barely has enough to cover most of what he ordered. You end up having to fit the remainder of the bill. He says he left his wallet and didn't...who gives a fuck..he just ruined your day.

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