I read The Introduction for Boys And Clothes, and not only is the site supposed to read like a diary, but its also supposed to be a guide for boys (Whoever wrote the intro inspired today's post Teneille, Shaina, Shana, Cee, and the rest of you girls who originated this B+C movement), and how to deal with us. I decided why not school the guys on some MAJOR turn offs. So ladies; participate by posting your Turn-Offs in the Comment Section.


Maybe it's just me but ughhh complaining all the time just annoys me to the point where i would probably feel the urge to bring my evil alter ego out and go on a angry woman's rampage. A guy that nags just gets under my skin; especially because you guys are always COMPLAINING about how us women are always COMPLAINING! *shakes my head*


Him - "Excuse me miss, do I Know You?"
Her - "No, I Don't think so"
Him - "Well I'd Like To"

*Blink Blink* - Sir please don't do that to me.


That's a form of lying, and i think that the universal female, as well as man doesn't like, nor do they appreciate a lie. Be Yourself!!


Lol, Shana was on Twitter asking questions about fashion and expressing how she felt after attending an event where the people where supposed to be networking. Anti-social is a no-no.


Please, don't go throwing money in my face when I hardly know you. That's a turn-off and is actually disrespectful. Don't treat her like a cheap prostitute or some kind of gold digger.
--"Now, you don't even know me but you wanna take me shopping, you a lame, i can tell it ain't big sh*t poppin' ya turnin' me off, ya turnin me off"


I don't like a guy who's about 1 inch away from my face and he's talking and his hands somehow end up on the small of my back, then my waist, then he's getting lower.
EXCUSE ME SIR! You might want to Back off, I Don't know you.


Lol, I say that alot. You guys who are always trying to act like the "I wear the pants in this relationship" type when we're around your friends. That's a major turn off. Don't wanna say I Love you when you about to hang up because your around your friends and they're going to think your soft.
LADIES: If you got a "man" like this get rid of him because he's NOT a man and has some growing up to do. You can either point it out and stick with him while he tries to fix it, but if repairs don't seem likely, he's playing games, he on some straight up Destiny's Child "Say My Name" type bullshit.


"Where You At? What You Doing? Who Are You With? Why You There? What Time You Leaving? When Should You be Getting Home?"
Some females like that kind of "affection". I Don't; especially when your doing that every hour on the hour 24/7.


-Forgetting stuff like MY BIRTHDAY!! (Nooo Buddy)
-Asking me what my name is a million times after I just told you when you met me (Fellas if anything you should remember, its her name when you first meet her)
-Roaming Eyes (We notice when your looking at her but talking to us)
-Comparing us to your Ex or ANY female AT ALL. (You fellas don't like it either)
-Controlling Guys (No female wants to be told what to say, what to do, how to sit, and how to dress. We have minds of our own.
-Doing overtly nasty gestures in public - (We dont like it in an intimate setting so in public....ughhhh. seriously?)
- A Soft Guy (Don't let us walk all over you, that's a major turn off, don't be scared to put your foot down and check her every once in a while. That doesn't mean put your foot down her throat or your fist in her face, hitting is a NO NO!)


leahnicole said... @ April 1, 2009 at 8:39 PM

* begging to have me back, and then breaking up with me once you have the "upper hand". make up your mind before you beg.
* continually pointing out my flaws as a way of helping to "motivate" me. what motivates me is love, not criticism.
* LATE NIGHT TEXTING when you haven't even taken me on a first, second or third date! wtf to the max.
* doing a lot of talking about what you're gona do for me. actions always speak louder than words.

and i second you on the touchy-feely guys (eewwww) and the roaming eyes (we're standing right there! duh)

leahnicole said... @ April 1, 2009 at 9:24 PM

BUT! on the positive...turn ons are so yummy..especially..
* the silent smile of admiration-no words necessary, the look says it all
* showing up when it counts
* laughing and laughing and laughing together

Teneille said... @ April 1, 2009 at 10:20 PM

LOL @ this post!! I have to agree with everyone of these. Luckily for me I'm picky as hell so I haven't experienced alot of these firsthand. But, there's the occasional loser who slips through the cracks. So I guess a superficial turnoff for me is a dude with a collection of dirty ass sneakers. Why do your sneakers look like you peed on yourself while you had them on? You're a grown ass man. Do you see my shoes? Get it together.

E-Rich said... @ April 1, 2009 at 11:19 PM

1. you guys are always COMPLAINING about how us women are always COMPLAINING! Then stop complaining! Ya'll be spazzing over silly shit.

2. My girlfriend told me that once a guy's phone rang while he was walking past her and he turned to her and said:

Coon Ass Nigga: "Is that you calling me?"
Jasmine: ". . . No. . ."
CAN: "It should be"

3. You know there are men in their 40's that still lie about how much pussy they get? SMH

4. Well, maybe it's just my shyness. Once I warm up to the event, I turn into "Eric the Life of the Party", but I still don't get all up in girl's faces and shit. Mainly because I sweat a lot when I dance.

5. I didn't know niggas through money in girl's faces. That must be some New York shit.

6. In the words of Steve Carrell in 40 Year Old Virgin "I respect women! I respect them so much that I stay away from them!"

7. You know girls are still going to be with those type of guys thinking it's manly and that's their role to be all manly in front of their friends. I don't get made fun of for being whipped since some of my friends are in relationships. Whipped as hell.

8. I think ya'll need to start pointing out that you don't like the polar opposites either, because dudes will say "Oh, word?" and then be distant as shit.

Sofia said... @ April 2, 2009 at 3:40 PM

My take:

Turn offs

*Showing up uninvited
*No job or sign of a career your working towards

Turn on

*Said by one of my favorite men "An unexpected gift at an unexpected time"
*Axe shower gel and body spray..ummm ;>

Social Disaster said... @ April 3, 2009 at 7:24 PM

I agree I would like to add a couple of my own.

*Don't ask for my number multiple times.

*Don't hit on me at my job.

*If I say I need space, I don't want you hanging out with my moms.

Anonymous said... @ April 4, 2009 at 11:40 PM

Great post !

Coming to my house unexpected .
using the blackberry or smartphones during dinner, movies or QT . I HATE THAT SHIT !

Turn ON !

sweet text out the blue or little gift
debate or great converstation about the world

More More....

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