"Catch Spring Fever in Iceland."

I noticed this strategically placed ad on the Q train this eve while on the way to my girly-poos house for supper. I read it a few times before I started giggling to myself. Iceland?!! Who needs Iceland when you're in New York City?!!! At least thats how I was feeling today with our very spring-y weather and the new burst of life that seems to have been injected into the city and it's inhabitants via more vitamin D.

Along with the warmth came the lack of winter jackets and the appearance of...gasp...SKIN!!! Yes, it's true!! Clap your hands with me people!!! SKIN! On display for our pure enjoyment, perfectly legal and not costing a dime. It's almost that delicious time of year again when our visual senses are fed the glorious food they rightly deserve- beautiful, luscious, sun-kissed SKIN and lots of it. And along with summer visions of classic 'beaters clung to chiseled tummies, low-slung shorts and sweat dripping in all the right places, first comes the infamous Spring Fever.

Now, according to Wikipedia, Spring Fever is "a syndrome, a term describing common psychological symptoms occurring in the spring season". Common psychological symptoms?! Hmmm.. Does feeling like you're suddenly in heat count as a common psychological symptom? Because I must say, my fairly high appreciation for the male form seemed to full-throttle itself into overdrive today. Spring's dashing prince charged into my world and battle-axed the chains of winter right off me. Freedom! And with it, lots of hormones reminding me I am indeed alive and in need of SKIN, especially SKIN on SKIN asap. So Spring is here NYC, and I've officially caught the fever, though this is one syndrome I'm actually looking forward to the remedy being applied.


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