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Before we find out the opposite sex " Turn On & Off" . The question is where can you find that special person ? As you know , weddings cermonies, church , libraries, and more are the few location to find Mr Right or Miss Right. Well, Well add this to the list ! Last night, My dad and I attended a wake at Guarino Funeral Home located in Canarise , Brooklyn. As you know this is touchy topic because it is dealing with death. As I entered the lobby looking fabulous and my dad looking sharp, I notice couple of cuties. I was like WHOA ! The funeral home had three more viewings.Can you imagine the people in the lobby ? While I entered the particular chapel , I saw one more cutie. I was like , is a funeral home another spot to find that special person you want to kick it with ?

Moment of Silence ....

Once all the viewings was over, everyone was hanging in the lobby talking , laughing and all . I never seen so much people at one place unless it was at a party. My eyes spotted few more guys. In my mind ,I said my females friends can find candidates here. I know I can't. So , ladies and gents , you may find your next hubby or wify material at Wake .

Do you have the guts to approach someone at a wake ?


Super Woman said... @ April 5, 2009 at 2:43 AM

Lol, that would make for a great "How we met" story to tell your kids.

Kids: Mom how did you meet daddy?
Mom: Wellllll, we were at a funeral, and he was in the lobby.


Sofia said... @ April 5, 2009 at 10:54 AM

This is horrible!! But I always had a list of places in the back of my mind:
*The Car Wash (at least he is driving)
*The DMV (at least he wants to drive)
*Criminal Court (hey...)
*Family Court (well maybe not unless the kids mother is a hag then ok)
*Traffic Violations Court (I personally think this is the best place..you know he is driving and wants to keep his license)
*The mens section of a department store (A man that is shopping for himself is such a turn on)

Super Woman said... @ April 5, 2009 at 12:39 PM

Lol, Your both Insane, Sofia wants a Criminal who drives like a maniac but still manages to keep his car clean and shop even though he's on the verge of having to pay his childs mother everything he has in child support,

and Shana wants to get numbers at funerals and wakes LOL


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