Shaina: Hey boo!
Teneille: heyyyyy
Teneille: my sound is def not working right now :-/
Shaina: Oooo
Shaina: You on the laptop?
Teneille: yeah
Shaina: Damn
Shaina: I feel maaad out of it
Teneille: okay here it goes i turned it all the way and put headphones on...dumb ass move
Teneille: *way up
Teneille: ugh i need my nails done so bad
Shaina: Smh
Teneille: what u doing tomorrow?
Shaina: Ummm...I need to do my taxes
Teneille: whaaaaaaaaaat? u didnt do them shits yet?!
Shaina: Ima wake up early and handle that
Shaina: And yes....I didn't do them yet
Teneille: o
Teneille: m
Teneille: g
Shaina: I know
Teneille: ur irresponsible
Shaina: Lol
Teneille: lol
Shaina: Nah
Shaina: I procrastinated hard bdoy
Teneille: im on the blog and not for nothing david beckhams bulge makes me wanna do things i swore off
Shaina: Body*
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: Word
Teneille: :-[
Shaina: *sigh*
Shaina: I feel like I haven't had sex in dumb long
Teneille: lmaoooooo
Shaina: You might have to come over and clean up blood and body parts in a lil while
Teneille: sigh
Teneille: u gotta man though how u not getting dicked?
Teneille: :-!
Shaina: Here I am being a good girl...
Shaina: And im the one suffering
Shaina: There's the catch....he aint my man
Teneille: lol
Shaina: Lol
Teneille: sorry not laughing at u
Teneille: laughing at u saying theres the catch
Shaina: its cool
Shaina: I know I almost lost my cool last week was it?
Teneille: sorry
Shaina: Aint no tellin what would've happened if I ran into ******
Shaina: Oh wait Subway
Teneille: lololololololololololol
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: I could've def went for some good head...it makes up for the fact his dick is skinny
Shaina: Hahahahahahahaha
Shaina: Just like him
Shaina: Lmaoooooooo
Shaina: Oooo
Teneille: i hate sex
Teneille: :(
Shaina: Mmmm...
Shaina: I just hate the politics of it
Shaina: Being single...and sex is soooo political
Teneille: i think i just hate it now, i dont know :(
Shaina: Ur not obligated to anyone....but they make you feel like you are
Shaina: *sigh*
Teneille: i thought if i surrounded myself with dudes id forget about you know who but it wasnt working so it just kind of turned me off being around dudes at all
Shaina: Ooohhh life
Teneille: if i get with a dude now he has to sweep me off my feet and right now my feet are in a cement block and im slowly tipping over the bklyn bridge and into the hudson
Shaina: Mmhmmm
Shaina: I feel you
Shaina: You don't know how desperately I wanna be over Zeus.....just get him out my system
Shaina: But last time I surrounded myself with dudes...I felt more empty than complete
Teneille: i need to feel magic and theres nothing magical about these dudes trying to impress me with money and who they know in the industry
Shaina: Yea
Shaina: Word
Shaina: !!!
Teneille: i just wanna say to this weirdo just say we're on the same page and u feel like i do and im not crazy, i dont need a promise ring just say u like me
Teneille: i dont want to be friends im frontin and its killin me to act like im okay just being friends with him, ugh!!!!!!!!!!
Shaina: Yea I know
Shaina: Frontin isn't cool
Teneille: im frontin sooooo hard, i have to keep our communication to a strict minimum, i let emails sit for longer than i used to because i want to get out of the trap, i know its all pointless
Teneille: whats up with u and zeus now?
Shaina: At this point you really don't stand to lose anything by lettin him know what's really good
Shaina: Nothing
Teneille: our friendship is too important to me, idk im in too deep i shoulda never kept anything past what it was, a bday date, sigh, this all happened unexpectedly
Shaina: Don't feel like that!
Shaina: Everything happens for a reason
Teneille: regrets, sigh
Teneille: i just know girls like me dont get everything they want in life so id rather have a successful career and his friendship i guess :(
Shaina: Tell me about it
Teneille: :-/
Shaina: I second that :-[
Teneille: lol, we're a sad box of chocolates
Shaina: Baby baby baby
Shaina: Lmao
Teneille: patrice just confirmed the meeting tomorrow for the collection, what time u doing ur taxes?
Shaina: Ima try and go in the am
Shaina: What time is the meeting?
Teneille: she said she gone call me with the time im working on the presentation and plan now
Shaina: Oh ok


Sass said... @ April 16, 2009 at 12:20 PM

umm i may have had this conversation verbatim just last night lol ok maybe not verbatim but damn close!

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