When I say Hip Hop you say Common, Hip Hop... Common..... Common has come a long way from underground Hip Hop in the 90's. He is really the definition of man, hard working, sexy as shit(<3 those freckles) and has this smile well you get the picture. He even gave us his softer side when he spoke on his relationship with Erykah Badu and how she hurt him :( I'm sure he isnt hurting anymore though, especially with his rumored fling with stallion body, Serena Williams. Can I star power? Common just launched his new cologne “Only the Brave” which will be pushed by Diesel! His acting career has also taken off and that movie money is about to grow tenfold because he is also appearing in the upcoming Termination Salvation alongside Christian Bale(May 2009). Move over, Will Smith, bc Common is in the building and hopefully by some twist of fate, well Ill keep that to myself. ;)


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