So......what can I say about Ryan Leslie? Well at least he can relate to a broken heart!! Below he talks about a love he losed to a high profile entrepreneuer. Have you guessed who? You know that little sweet face girl who is visually appealling but aurally not Jennifer Hudson...its Cassie people! Here Rylan Leslie actually confirms that he was in love with Cassie and lost her to none other than Mr. Puff Daddy. In the interview Mr. Ryan (say it if ur nasty) in a subtle way admits that he loved Cassie but commingled his definition of the word "love" for her with his "love" to the hussle of grinding and his "love" of music. Maybe its easier for him to admit it now because some time has allotted and he has no choice but to cope or maybe its to push his new album with a little controversy. But Don't worry Mr. Ryan B+C loves u!!!! (oh and check out the pic...can u catch the grip? yikes)


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