...and I shouldnt have left you!

It is way too early for me and as I sneak in this post from my training site's computer, a million thoughts are running through my mind. Im trying as hard as I can to avoid the super emo-ness that is flowing through my veins. Literally, a half hour ago I left my special someone's house. His idea was to spend the night by his house because its more convenient to go to work from his house than mine. Resourceful and thoughtful, no sex, just him being considerate. Times like this I quote Tamia and Mariah Carey. I keep in mind that I can only float on Cloud 9 for so long, because this same thoughtful and considerate person flips the script on me and purposely does some dumb shit.

I guess getting to my point: Why do guys retreat after letting their cards show? Do some real live jerk shit just to what? Prove to themselves that they're not as into you that you think? Or is it wrong for a man to be emotional and vulnerable? *sigh* Life is crazy...


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