This Man is something else, and he never ceases to amaze me.

If you ever wanted to understand the Art of making love. Give me one moment, and i'll enlighten you!

Tony "Concep" Brown.
An amazing, deep rooted, sun gazing, paint wearing, dread rocking, pop locking, two stepping, hood loving, turkey&cheese eating, smile wearing, seafood loving, storytelling, loud laughing, serious working, YSL cologne wearing, POLO sporting, Marithe Francois- Girbaud/Mens Senior designing, canvas stretching, one of a kind in this lifetime, Artist.
And that's only a few ways to describe him..

New Orleans, Louisiana Native
But Brooklyn, New York is where he calls home

It's funny, because I've been in the same room with this man and watched him with my own eyes make love, right in front of me!

Sometimes it's as if im watching him from afar, as if there were a million people in this one room, but all i see is this passionate love making before me.

Sometimes it turns me on as I watch him lustfully observe her body(canvas) as he thinks of the many ways he is going to please this woman. The many ways to love this woman..

Sometimes the love making is so good, it doesnt end until the early hours of the morning. Nothing can come between this love making, nothing at all!

Tiny drops of sweat(paint)falls from his body onto hers, and she is stained with his love forever. There is no coming back from this love making, and forever will he be Making Love.

And he comes home to her everynight.
This woman got it going on, lol

And if you ask me, she is one hell of a woman!!

She continues to love him back, by being his inspiration everyday. By being the positive outlet in his life. If it wasn't for her.. i wonder where he would be..

And i know its real, because she's on his mind everyday..
He can't stop thinking about her
Oh, how he loves her

Concep embraces his roots, and never strays away from where he's come from.
While most people hide behind fabrications and fake facades, wanting to run away from what they're lives once was. Concep is that relatable dude from the "hood" that grew up in one of the most wildest places in this country. Sure, when we think of Louisiana, we think "Mardi Gras" Tasty Cajun Food" and "Beautiful Jazz Music". New Orleans is one of the most poverty stricken cities, and has some of the highest violence and death rates than most of the states in this country. Concep came from these meager beginnings, and wanted more with his life. He owes it to himself, his future, his ancestors, his un-born childern, his peers, the bewildered youth, his neighborhood, his pals from down bottom(New Orleans)that are probably still doing what they were doing when he left. Concep is just like you. He picks his nose, scratches his ass, farts, falls down, and gets right back up. There isnt a damn thing in this world you cannot do, unless you choose not to do it.

Concep also finds peace of mind through Music and Dancing. He loves house music, and please do not try and battle him at a party.
I swear, I'll be standing right next to him at some event, then the next minute he'll have the whole spot circled around him while doing back flips, handstands, and all types of ill-figured positions.

Concep is the epitomy of what "Survival" means.
And this journey will only get sweeter.
He is one of the chosen ones!

Check out his Website of Artwork and "Thoughtwork"(as he says)
And if you dont see the Love in this, then my question to you is "Are you Blind?"




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