Okay, Okay so im blogging now. And i just wanted to introduce myself to those who dont know me, never got the chance to have a word with me, and vibe.

My name is Christine, but the world knows me as Cee The Photographer. Ive been shooting professionally for little over year now, but have had this crazy passion for Photography since like, forever!

Started out as an Event Photographer, most of yall met me out in the feild going hard, amongst some of NYC's finest MC's, artists, designers,writers, producers etc. Always socializing, always picking up a new contact, always GRINDING!!

Almost instantly realizing that running around at Big, fancy industry parties was only getting me nowhere fast, I fell back and decided to head out on a serious journey to find my medium, and what worked best for my talent, personality and comfort.

So i just started to shoot, Aimlessly.
I wanted to figure out exactly what i was really into, what my eyes naturally captured, what my mind wanted to see, what my heart wanted to feel. I would smoke a lil bit of reefer, grab my mP3 and take a walk, and wherever i ended up, that was my photoshoot location, and whatever was around, was my object.

See, Iam a very spiritual individual, and iam very receptive to good and bad energy. Iam also a woman of deep emotion, and i tend to familiarize myself with these things because emotion is a beaitiful thing to me. I also consider myself to be a realist, one who can comprehend and familiarize themselves with real life endeavors. One who is never in denial about facts. One who understands life cycles and that certain things will, and are going to happen wether we like it or not. Never fighting against the current, but moreless manuvering throught the bulk and the realization that the Almighty is your only savior. It gets way deeper, but we're gonna move on

So yea, emotion plays a huge part in my visual world, and what i enjoy studying for potential focal points and such. The hands, the feet, the back, the neck, the legs, the lips, the nails..The Body in general also gives off great emotion, and those who have seen my work can understand what i mean when i say the body gives off great emotion and energy(good and bad) I look to expand this genre of photog in my upcoming projects, so please keep at least one eye open : )

Currently, at this present moment, Iam Indeed the Photography Director For Boys&Clothes Magazine. A Publication that feeds the minds of those who want to eat, no matter the cuisine. An outlet for creative Chefs in which we put together delicate, and succulent content for inquistive minds. Eight women of color on a mission for greatness.

Working on a tight, tight budget, no sleep and lots of constructive pressure would sum up the ordeal of putting this first issue together. I can only state that from here on out Boys & Clothes Magazine will only become more of a big deal. Dont get side tracked and think beacuse you see alot of Fashion and lighthearted content, that we are Robots that pump generic topics and non-receptive to our surroundings and The struggle. We're the total oppsosite, and i can show you better than i can tell you.

We're gonna give you the opportunity to see us grow
The opportunity to walk with us
The journey will not be easy, but somebody's gotta do it

Boys& Clothes Maagzine to the Top Baby

Cee <3>


Teneille said... @ February 3, 2009 at 12:29 PM

owwwwww get em cee!

Nuvany Nice` All things Indie Fashion, Art, Giveaways support inide artists said... @ February 3, 2009 at 7:30 PM

nicely written cee, you know I luv how you express yourself through words...Kudos to you lady!

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