After all the joy I'd been experiencing these last couple of weeks, I ran into a wall today. It wasn't the best of days but, Brunch at Barney's saved me with a little retail therapy.

Up all night You-Tubing, I came across these videos and boy did hearing these songs bring back some great memories.


Being a teenager in Brooklyn was the best. I wish I could go back to a Friday night Empire Rollerskating Ring party in my Coogi Dress and construction timbs, lol. When the skates would get put away and the floor would open up and these songs came on...man! The good ol' days. And yeah don't forget the Tapscott Street Sally Matthews Crips and the Crown Heights Bloods fights/shootouts to top the party off!

Not for nothing, there were some shorties at Empire on Fridays. I wonder where they are now? They're probably all boo'ed up living down south and shit :-/. I doubt if they're locked up because they were way to pretty. Well maybe the gang bangers are :(.

When did Empire close? I think there's a church there now. (?)


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