It was always something that turned me on about Men who look (and sometimes act) like they don't know how to Love, and be in relationships and be the "Mushy" type. Until (of course) the right lady comes along and knows how to make a Man feel comfortable, and make a Man feel good.

Now i will definitely be the first to say that(us) as women have to break down the wall with certain guys. Alot of these men don't know how to express themselves & alot of men dont walk around wearing their hearts on their sleeves. So yes, this is where we step in and this is where we make our mark. This is when we draw the love out of them.

Through past relationships, i've learned that sometimes you have to just "Bite the Bullet (in other terms, hold your tounge sometimes & let certain shit go) stop the immature crap of going back and forth over nonsense, and be the mature one and lighten up the situation sometimes all by yourself.

We, as Women, possess the natural instincts to nuture & soothe. When a child falls down and hurts themselves, they run to their Mother to kiss it and make it all better. NO different from when a Man has alot on his mind, stressed out and just ready to beat the shit out of someone, our natural instinct is too take that Man from bad to good. Gently stroking his face and looking in to his eyes telling him that everything will be okay, making his favorite dish, or simply getting him in that mood where nothing else matters other than him getting you in his favorite position (lol). We have to be the logic one, the one who will try & make sense of things for them. Men act off of instinct, and will prolly be upset, already not having that balance, and go do some dumb shit. A women has that touch, that gentle, sensitive touch and unthinkable ways of putting the fire out, sometimes with no waterhose. We were born with this power to inject tranquility

Some Men are always going to be macho, and feel like they run the show. So at times, when you find yourself in an arguement with your other half, sometimes we have to lighten up the situation and be the "brains" behind ending the fight, bringing peace to the table.

Sometimes, we as Women automatically expect a Man to just be who we want them to be, and unfortunately, it does not work like that. It is no easy task attempting to change a man, a man has to change on his own. You have to make your presence felt, you have to make yourself the object of why he needs you in his life.

Men go through alot. We(women)do too, but Men have alot of obstacles they face in this world, especially Men of color. We cannot be the reason why they're even more stressed out and on the edge. We have to be the sprinkles on top of a sundae for them, the reefer inside of a blunt ready to be lit, the whipped cream inside of a Hostess cupcake. In other words we have to start being the reason our Men aren't so grumpy and tense, and more of the reason why alot of GOOD and "well taken care of" Men are walking this earth.

One of my Ex boyfriends (to this day) credits me for why he changed alot of his ways and why he aint on the bullshit he was once on when i first dated him. He use to have these mood swings, like almost Bi-polar, and with me being the slick mouthed, sassy, female that iam, at first i would go toe to toe with him (i later realized that it turned him on when i was angry and cursing at him. Damn Sicko) until one day i just wasn't in the mood, and softly said " Babe, come sit down, its been a long day, lets just watch a movie or something, lets go take a walk and get something to eat" i remember those exact words, and almost instantly i noticed his attitude change, and thats also when i began to change. It kinda made him feel stupid for even trying to start some shit with me, and realized that maybe he didnt need to be fussing with me, because at the end of the day, im the same person putting a smile on his face

This video is like my all-time Favorite tho, because i think we all had that one boyfriend that ran the streets, and had others looking upon him like he was a piece of shit, not treating his women right, and looking like a cheating ass dude. ect, ect, but really the opposite of all of that, and really adoring his Lady

So yea, shout outs to all the Guys who love their girlfriends, and the dudes who make it easy for us to want them in our lives.

And i know yall peeped Rapahael Saadiq playing the guitar, and harmonizing in the background. The girl that plays the lead is absolutely adorable with her finger waves. Too cute!

Number Five on the Lovers Lane Countdown and Valentine's day Playlist
D'Angelo: Lady


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