- My name was supposed to be Vaughnessa after my Dad Vaughn...dead ass
- I had madddd real live fist fights in my life. Lost 1 and got jumped once.
- I really don't care if people don't like me or what I say or do. That's why I don't "address the haters". I just don't care and I learned some arguments and/or fights aren't worth having.
- My middle name is Monae...not like the artist Monet. My middle name was supposed to be Money but, my Mom wanted to make it fun so they named me Mon-ay -> Mon-ae.
- I used to bang...like with a gang. Dead ass.
- The first boy I kissed is in a wheelchair now.
- I had a dream last night about my Junior High School boyfriend...he ended up paralyzed too...in real life though. He got shot in the head in 8th grade.
- I used to go to Club Speed almost every Sunday, LMAO.
- I want a tattoo sleeve. I'm never working a regular job again so I want rockstaresque tattoos on one arm.
- I'm not really a people person.
- I listen to ALOT of music. Like ALOT ALOT.
- When I was in Africa, I was mad homesick. And I'll never forget Cee texting me "Stay there, you're not missing anything here but merch and more merch". She was right.
- Sometimes I wish I didn't dream so big or wasn't so headstrong. I feel like if I was satisfied with less I wouldn't have so much stress.
- It's 4:30 in the morning and I'm not tired and wishing I was with someone who was just as awake as I am right now.


$port said... @ January 2, 2009 at 5:06 AM

'Sometimes I wish I didn't dream so big or wasn't so headstrong. I feel like if I was satisfied with less I wouldn't have so much stress.'

^^word...like the man said 'this stress'll take a young nigga, give him an old face...'

but i read somewhere recently that all of the things we enjoy are the fruits of the seeds of unhappiness...think about it, if EVERYBODY were more content with shit, we wouldn't have some of the greatest inventions, people, books, you name it...

The life of a dreamer is a stressful one, but we're the ones who end up changing and running shit because nobody else had the nuts to do it....

Anonymous said... @ January 3, 2009 at 6:37 PM

I hate new years day/eve... Its beautiful because its the beginning of a new time, year, etc... But the reason for hate, is because u begin to think about shit from past years you haven't thought about since it happened or... The new years before,lol!

After reading this some would think ur a fuckin g... And now I'm really scared that you might be seen on TV for shankin somebody in some random nightclub. But one of your fluzzies(see "shyne") will take the wrap and you'll become even more famous,lol!


Ah well, HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVE!(I'm late, as usual)

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