This morning I'm searching and kinda wasting time I stumble across some really interesting stuff about Kanye West. According to Fashion Week Daily" Kanye West is finally putting his worldly travel experiences to a good use--with a Rizzoli book, tentatively scheduled for an October 2009 release. Kanye West: Glow in the Dark will not only be a record of the Grammy-winning artist's tour, but also his life on the road, that includes his hectic schedule full of fashion parties and trips to exclusive shopping destinations. The 9-7/8 x 13 inch compilation will also come with a USB drive of previously-unreleased music. It will cost $50. West first met with Rizzoli in May of 2008 to discuss the project, and planned for the initial release of the project in February of 2009 following the conclusion of his tour. But as the concerts were extended, so were the contents of the book. Photographer Nabil Elderkin followed the musician around the world and captured his shopping experiences in Asian malls, at special events in America, and backstage in Europe during his tour. The author even interviewed one of his inspirations, Spike Jonze, for the release. West is said to be putting in initial ideas for the release party as well...which may well coincide with Spring 2010 Fashion Week in Paris".

Wow. That's a great look for Kanye West, adding numerous projects to his resumes can only continue to catapult him into now a super-super star status. Personally I wasn't a huge Kanye West fan, yeah I liked a few of his songs, oh yeah as I think about it Teneille and I attended his first who's next show in NYC with Twista a few years ago (maybe 5 or 6 years damn time goes) , back when he wasn't the Kanye of today and Twista was walking around passing out Kamikaze. So I should say respect his hussle. I respect how he basically pushed Jamie Foxx into main stream music and its funny that his movie Bait (Jaime Foxx), which was a really good movie but it wasn't until he became a superstar that you were able to see it on cable tv...I digress. Then there is this "beef" between him and 50 cents and I questioned his celebrity a little because I asked myself why...it just didn't add up...like is it that hard to sell records? Then he got constantly attacked for being different or not really being "hip hop" and his experiences as an entertainer is going to reflect his experiences growing up for the most part. He is so much more different from many of the others artist who dominate this field who predominately came from low income homes in inner city neighborhoods, he is was that kid who comes to your school and speaks another language and is teased about it so I guess he was being bullied by the angry kids, the kids that were more upset with themselves as people so they redirected that anger towards someone else. Then I felt sad when I heard of his mothers passing and I still can't even picture how that must have felt for him to lose someone so close so early in his life. Now he has stepped into such a different sphere of personal growth, from Heartbreak 808 which pushed the envelope as an alternative music type since its not typical Hip Hop or R & B so maybe we can re genre it...let me think...oh maybe later...and he is moving himself into fashion icon status or as Teneille stated "the Black Karl Lagerfeld"..."interning" with Louie V and totally transforming his whole image. I guess I am a fan now Kanye...keep up the good work and do what makes you happy because at the end of the day that is all that matters.


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