That damn Bridget Walther horoscope is freaky!

Here's my Love Horoscope this week at a 9 out of 10...

January 19-25: You live for love. You also savor a competitive round of b-ball, chess or poker. You play to win in love, sports, finance, and even social climbing. This week brings new joy into your life. A bright, enchanting person (just eccentric enough to be unforgettable) captures your heart and seduces you with his or her mind. You like the way this person thinks. Heart-to-heart chats about how the two of you could join forces and change the world ensue. You're both hungry for some really interesting conversation, apart from the almost rabid career talk you've coped with for the past couple years. You're very taken with this person. What makes this so interesting is that this may be someone you already know, but now have a new appreciation for. It could signal the rebirth of an existing relationship. A 'you and me against the world' vibe brings you even closer.


January 19-25: Your career and the duties associated with it could change a lot this week, as well as during the next several weeks. You were born to handle this kind of intensity. In fact, you actually enjoy it. You're not daunted and make it your business to know every possible detail of the situations you're about to deal with. Less bold, confident types would exit stage left, screaming - but not you. You lick your lips, set your jaw, grab the mic and jump onto center stage. Even your somewhat bitter competitors or chumps that disqualified themselves can't help but admire your guts, brains and determination. You're more than ready to work as long and hard as necessary to turn a business back into a profitable, enviable success. You've got the vision, intelligence and energy to do it. You've also got the right people to help you get it done.


ChiChi said... @ January 30, 2009 at 1:14 AM

It is I, your fellow Aquarian lol

I'm trippin' over that love scope. It's too on point.

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