Dear Good Life,

This is not a Male Bashing Blog.

You've grown to become one of our most valued readers. We here at Headquarter's look forward to your candid yet, humorous commentary and wouldn't want you to feel offended in anyway.

The Girls of NYSD love men. You're all they talk, think and breathe. Thus, by no means would we at Headquarter's want you to misinterpret their "brash" as "bash". NYSD's daily rants on B+C aren't intended to incite rage and contempt between the sexes but, to promote open and honest communication on subjects either considered taboo or touchy. In sharing some of their authentic personal experiences with you, the goal is to provide you with a better persective of the female species and the widespread opinions shared about your sex. Headquarters can assure you that there are NO personal attacks on any specific individual on B+C.

Please continue to visit B+C. We appreciate you.

Warmest Regards,