Sick put me on to Bridgett Walther's Horoscopes so that "I can go to heaven". They're the most accurate horoscopes on the net...
Check my horoscope for today...

For December 23: You think, stew and finally develop the best possible way to handle a confusing family or domestic dilemma. This could occur at any point today, but is particularly likely during the morning hours. Your gift for unraveling difficulties and empowering others to do the right thing is stellar. Keep in mind that a number of people view you as a role model, a person they're likely to imitate throughout their lives. So every step you take has influence now and during the days ahead. (Kid Sis Patrice made me smile today, she texted me "The media kit is craaaaaazy! I'm so proud of you :) :) :) :) good things are going to fall in place for you, TRUST!") One of the things that rings particularly true about you is that 'it ain't over till it's over.' Just when you seem to be down for the count, you spring up and are back into action again! (I said this to Shaina last night. I told her everytime I feel overwhelmed, I see how much everyone else believes in this shit and I bounce back...crazy!) No wonder others see you as heroic!
My LOVE Horoscope for the Week...
December 22-28: Health, security and peace of mind matter more than almost anything else this week, and may directly impact a close friendship or romantic connection. Do what you can to make things as easy and smooth as possible for another. Even difficult choices have silver linings now. You decide to force the issue and prove how dedicated and determined you are to win another's heart and mind. (:-/) This begins before Christmas and intensifies during the weekend. Saturday is especially affectionate and memorable. Weekly touchstones: Pink Tourmaline, Garnet.
And my CAREER Horoscope for the Week...

December 22-28: You're almost unstoppable this week, holidays or not. You manage to text, email and call colleagues and clients, in order to remain closely in touch, just in case an opportunity breaks open. You're not glued to the wassail bowl, daydreaming about sugarplums. You're also very focused on some time-sensitive crucial goals that must occur before the end of February or March next year. These are big undertakings that require lots of cooperation and energy from others. You can't manifest a miracle without the support and approval of others; so even during holiday times, you work the numbers, make the calls and keep your ear to the ground. No wonder you're known as a rainmaker. Weekly touchstones: Smoky Quartz, Black Spinel.

This is my exact life right now! Deadlines need to be made and there's no time for half steppin'. I have a team of riders, hustlers and grinders who make shit happen independently and as one. It's hectic but, I'm keeping it all together. February 1, 2009. The Dynasty :)!


K.icks M.aterials H.er said... @ December 24, 2008 at 5:54 AM

YEA U BETTER BOOGY "rainmaker" :)

Uh oh... Doggit man, I hate when people show me new stuff and I feel the need to be nosey and see if it'll work for me. Lol
*john witherspoon'n*("don't tell nobody!"... Yeah boi!)

P*S: I'm going to make it a habit to continue to pick up this B.B Curve in the morning, and open BOYS&CLOTHES as soon as I wake up,lol... Stimulates the mind

Kwan Lee said... @ December 24, 2008 at 11:52 AM

thats them leos for ya

Kwan Lee said... @ December 24, 2008 at 8:40 PM

i mean us leos

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