When Shaina first told me about her friend Tatiana's MySpace blogs, my first question was "Why doesn't she have a blogspot?". Taking heed to the advice, Tati has moved on up from MySpace to a Blogspot and I can definitely get with her Tuesday's post...

"Im not even madd about it anymore. I wish you well. As a matter of fact i would still hold you down if you needed me to because thats just who i am, and i respect what we had. Im not capable of keeping a grudge for too long. You know that, but dont get it twisted, i dont forget. You embarassed me, you made private matters public. I use to wake up with you on my mind, now i cant remember what the fight was about. Your whole exsistance is trivial. Your actions go unnoticed. Not that i dont see them, they just dont move me. The band wagon you been on is now getting old and weak. Your friends arent in your soul, because you know in your soul their not your friends. I know you want me back and your sad that we dont even speak. I know you so well i can see the truth in your eyes, so you may wanna stop stairing at me. You never really been good at hiding your emotions. Over the last few years i learned to see behind your smile. But that dont mean nothing. I digress. I finally erased all your old voice mails. I have come to the point where hearing your voice doesnt sooth me anymore. Old pictures are just that, old. The things you left behind, I gave you 30 days. its goodwills property now. Im so over you, even the jewlery you bought me is just something sparkly now. I appreciate you spending time in my life. The days were wonderful and the nights were unforgetable. God dont make no mistakes! I heard you got a new girlfriend, but shes not nearly as captivating as me. You can pay for school but you cant buy Class. You never been the type of nigga to rock the canal st. knock offs so dont start with an immitation hood version of Beautiful me.My swaggers on a hundred thousand million....You should try to forget about me and move on because im so over you!"


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