Despite what you see, my reality isn’t shaped by Louis, Marc or Alexander.

It's Yung. My son.

He’s intelligent, diplomatic and humorous. A wise child, he’s everything I aspire to be as an adult. And, lately he’s been telling me I work too much.

I didn’t graduate from college. There’s no predictable degree in Journalism, Media & Communications or Fashion Merchandising hanging proudly on my parents family room wall. My balls and these words are all I have. So now finding myself being chastised by my three- year-old for too many long nights at the computer, has left me to question what type of example I’m setting as his first “girlfriend” and as an adult overall.

Will he be an overachiever? A perfectionist? Even worse…a big dreamer?

(Yeah it's his real name and has nothing to do with rap)

"Yin, Yang & Yung may be universal forces of a triad. Yin is dark, receptive and feminine energy of the universe. Yang is bright, assertive and masculine energy. Forces move between these polarities. Movement brings different levels of dark and light, positive and negative, soft and hard, magnetic and electrical, male and female, and more. We have learned this of duality. As we move beyond two-dimensional analysis that lets us see duality, we come to triadic thinking that lets us see trinity. We then find another element amid the interplay. It may be what ancient mystics saw in Yung. Yung lies beyond the balance between polarities. It is a transparent third that is neither, and not in between. As the fixed principle regulating all under heaven, it contains an abstract reality that extends beyond experience. From innate ability we experience this as, and with, intelligence. Intelligence is without gender, subjectivity or polarity. It is not yin, and it is not yang. We can perhaps see this as the neutral, Intellectual counterpart to Physical and Emotional elements. Together they form the body, heart and mind of existence." - Theory Dynamics


Teneille said... @ November 19, 2008 at 12:31 PM

Yungs Favorite Lines: "But, this just doesn't make any sense!", "This is ridiculous Mommy!", "But, Mommy, I just dont understand!" Smh.

$port said... @ November 19, 2008 at 8:18 PM

Mom: 'Did she GIVE you that cookie or did you TAKE it???'

Yung: 'But I...it...Mommy..I thought...*breaks down*'

^^classic lol...

Anyhow, I told you earlier that this was a brilliant post. Kids these days are so smart and aware, it's amazing. For him to even grasp the concept of 'working too much' says a lot.

As far as you worrying about the example you're setting, don't. You're doing all the right things for your own and his future. And by watching you hustle, he'll know what it means to go for his.

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