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Inspired by an article a fellow Clutch writer (Angel) wrote a couple of issues ago, I'd attempted to dissect my dating habits by an honest comparison to my shopping trends and wardrobe choices.

I'm a fashionably consistent girl. I love long sleeved crisp white shirts and loose fitting v-neck white or black tees from Urban Outfitters. I love indigo dark denim and ultra black super skinny jeans. I'm one of those girls who buys the same pieces over and over again for this weird feeling of rejuvenation in the newness. I never realized how much this said about my love choices. I'm a structured girl. I like stable relationships and supportive relationships. Far from a fly-by-night kind of girl, I'm hesistant to change and am very loyal.

But, leaving my analysis there wouldn't be the whole truth. I'm addicted to accessories. The bulk of my hard earned dollars are spent on accessories. Collectively, I have hundreds of pairs of earrings, sunglasses and bags. I have a pathetic supply of jackets and...shoes...sigh. Shoes of every color, height and style plague almost every room of my apartment. So what does this say about my lovelife? Well from a style standpoint, my accessories shape the look of everyone of my outfits. It can give my outfit an air of mystery or glamour. Does this finding confirm me as a natural romantic as I'm passionate about keeping my look (ie. my love life) exciting or does it mean I'm hung up on temporary satisfactions as my look changes constantly?

Here's my honest conclusion:

The Accessories Say: I love romance and excitement in a relationship. I love spontaneity, laughter, surprise and lots of passion. The Wardrobe Choices Say: I'm a One-Man-Woman. I'm my most loving when in a stable relationship. I love to create dozens of looks with the pieces I'm most comfortable with and trust the most because I'm flexible but, I find solace in the foundation I have at home.

What's your wardrobe say about you?


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