When my older sister was about sixteen/seventeen, I remember listening in on her conversations with her home girls about whether or not the “dude got fly,” or if he was “light skin with braids.” A fiend to the madness, I couldn’t wait for the day when my lil shorty would buy me an x and o chain with the bracelet to match. As era’s and life trends change, the dire lust for the wavy-haired light skin boys rockin the Vansons, bubble North Faces and the eyebrow-slashes became extinct to a class of new girls who instead had other things on their mind. Why? These days there’s a high demand for Swagger!

There are a lot of young, air-headed, money hungry tricksters running around but me and the girls I run with prefer authenticity. Blame it on guys like Jay or Carrie’s Mr. Big because girls my age just prefer a persona that’s not built. It’s the it thing that has us mesmerized with the stupid face ready to throw away our crazy girl years to be wifey knowing we still live at home, in school and have bullshit teenage drama to deal with. It’s not about being the cutest dude in the room or the most paid because your presence, everyday hustle (legal, sometimes illegal...smh), or grind to do what’s necessary to make moves is what drives us wild. It’s the fact that you smell soooooo f’in good, stand firm in what you believe in or see the bigger picture behind all the corny flashy shit walking around. We love your witty charm that has us open and giggling like little girls. Most of all we appreciate that you’re discreet about what we do together because it forces us to be hushed mouth when the besties ask about what’s going on in our world.

It’s sort of like you have a chemical imbalance if you don’t have it. Some girls may not have the right name for it and some stupid ones can’t even define it but the ones that do feel it and know that ish when they see it. The little things that drive us wild clarifies that you just have to be one of the rarest forms around! It’s your aura, your confidence and you’re crazy G to get us to stop and talk to you. The fact that you’re classy, a lil hood and slightly cocky, adds to the high that makes us feel like we’re on our Beyonce ish when we walk on the inside of the street with you (classic hubby rule)!

Ahhhhh I could write a list of things but the impresario of ill Swag said it best….

“No one on the corner gotta bop like this can't wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don't fit…

Follow my steps, it's the road to success where the niggas know you thoro and the girls say yes But I can't teach you my swag you can pay for school but you can't buy class.”



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