Friends for nearing two decades, together we'd grown from starry-eyed school girls to sarcastic sophisticates. Although along the way our individual experiences have molded our unique personalities our feminine blueprint bonds our primal desires.

We love BOYS. We love CLOTHES.

Now of course, at some point one failed idealistic relationship has forced us all to accept that there's no such thing as the "perfect" man. But, simultaneously we'd learned to appreciate those qualities that make a man...well, a man.

So despite the heartbreaks, letdowns and missing person's reports an unexpected smile from a beautiful stranger is still enough to send a hopeless girl's heart skipping down the yellow brick road to love.

But, it takes more than just a big $!@& and a smile to keep a modern woman satisfied.

Complex and misunderstood, you boys can get us all wrong. You need a little insight, a little understanding, a little molding. So here’s our gift to you…Boys + Clothes.

From the first date to the first born, learn a little bit more about that special lady in your life.

Now, that's the difference between NYSD and them...

We SMARTENED up, opened the market up.


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