Wearing Old Spice as an Act of Self-Empowerment

You know that smell that makes you physically bust a 180 when a man walks past? That smell thats so strong, so delicious and so motha f-in sexy, it practically gets you wet on the spot? The guy could not even be that much of a looker, but That Smell latches itself onto your hormones and gets things dirty dancin' below the waist in a matter of seconds.

I have a few scents that have me pausing on the street with my eyes closed for a brief visual of between-the-sheets bliss, but there is One Scent that I've had a deep Love Affair with since I pressed my face into my first boyfriends underarms. This wonderful, ecstacy-inducing smell comes in a classic red twist tube and only puts you out $5.99 at any trusty drug store. My Love, My Old Spice.

I knew this Love Affair had turned a corner when I walked into the Duane Reade on my block 5 months ago and purchased a tube. Only this time, it wasn't for my man, it was for me. I had recently broken up with an Old Spice devotee and noticed when another Old Spice aficionado walked past me, I could no longer indulge in it's heavenly undertones like I used to. I now had a visual of my Ex pop into my head as I inhaled scent. Echhhh. Actually, Double Echhh. Visuals of Ex AND no more instant gratification with the pass-and-sniff. With this obvious potential crisis emerging, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wasn't about to loose a Love I'd had since 10th grade over a stupid boy who didn't work out. No, my fragrant love and I had history, trust, consistency and reliability that I wasn't about to let go of.

So I decided to start rocking the Old Spice swag. And like a typical girl, my Old Spice travels with me everywhere, never far, always close to my heart in my beloved purse. I apply it whenever I need a sweat-check or a mood-booster, and I have been known to slip it out of my bag while waiting for the subway, take a big inhale of it's spicy goodness and put it back in it's home, feeling uplifted and inspired immediately. Who woulda thought that a break-up could have such positive, empowering results with a long-time love. And could also heighten my love and appreciation for all those Boys, and Girls, that are down with the Old Spice swag. Gold star people, keep up the good work. It makes sitting on the subway next to you so much more enjoyable. Damn Old Spice, where my cheque at?


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